About us

About us


We are Brad and Leah Marshall, and over the years of our marriage we’ve realized that we’re fantastic at taking care of each other, our friends and family, and our dogs, but we’re lousy at taking care of ourselves.

We’ve let our sanity take a back seat to work, projects, and chores. The sad fact is that most of the people we know are a lot like us. And, if you turn on the TV, it seems like the whole world is too stressed out, self-critical, and completely overwhelmed.

Life is supposed to be mostly happy, isn’t it?

Somewhere along the way, sanity went out of style. Maybe it’s the “time is money” philosophy, or our drive to be social media perfect, or we just forgot how to take care of ourselves. Whatever the reason, we’ve become our own worst enemies.

It’s time to change. It’s time for a Sanity Revival.

Join us on a journey to bring back self-care, self-acceptance, and balance. Together, we can change our culture to be happier, healthier, and far more peaceful, and we can do wonders for our lives along the way.